Tax Efficiency and Business Structure


Companies 28% Tax Rates

October 16, 2020
A company has a tax rate of 28%. This is a flat tax rate and applies to all company profits. So, why not structure your business, investments, or contracting in a company and only pay tax at 28%? Individuals marginal tax rate is 33%, so would you not be 5% better off and pay...
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Companies may have losses carried forward from a prior year. Losses may have resulted from losing money in a previous business venture, one-off signature expenditure (e.g., significant repairs and maintenance on a property), or during the start-up phase of a new business. Th...
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Pay Less Tax - Part 1

February 16, 2017

Save $12k in tax on $120k of income by structuring your business effectively.

Table 0.1 – How AgBiz Accountants could save you more than $12k in tax (an extra 10%) Entity Profit Tax Tax Savings Individual 120,000 30,520 9,080 Company ...
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