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The MYTH Of Tax Deductions

February 9, 2017

Did you know that a $70 lunch may only give a tax deduction of $6.13?

How often have you heard a business owner say "It's ok, it's a business expense and I can claim it for tax"? Do they really understand that a $70 lunch or dinner may only provide a tax deduction of $6.13? Would you spend $70 to only get $6.13 back? Our take home messages ar...
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So what are the different methods for doing my GST?

Following on our GST theme, this blog will explain the difference between 'GST basis' and outline the advantages and disadvantages of each. In a nutshell, you can pay GST when you receive the cash from your customer, or when you issue an invoice to your customer. Either opti...
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Do I need to register for GST?

One of the most popular questions often asked from people starting a business is, 'do I need to register for GST?' This article will answer that question. GST is a tax on consumption, on goods and services supplied in New Zealand. This is different from income tax which is...
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