Tax Changes

In 2011, the government changed legislation to remove depreciation being claimed on all buildings.  Due to Covid-19, the government have done a U-turn on this decision and from 1 April 2020, have reintroduced depreciation on commercial and industrial buildings. The appl...
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39% Top Marginal Tax Rate

October 9, 2020
The Labour Party has announced that if re-elected, they would introduce a new marginal tax rate of 39% for an individual’s income over $180,000. The 39% tax rate would only apply to income over $180,000 and the remainder of an individual’s income will be taxed at current...
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The government has announced a $12bn economic stimulus package to assist with Coronavirus. Here are some of the key tax proposalsThese changes are yet to be passed through law and some of the specific information is yet to be finalised. Most changes are proposed to have an e...
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